Did you know that the number of GRE test takers indicating plans for business study nearly doubled in three years? To maximize your applicant pool, be sure that GRE test takers ready for business school know you accept and welcome GRE scores. Here's how. When you accept GRE scores for your MBA, specialized master's in business programs or doctoral programs, you have access to an even bigger, more diversified pool of highly qualified applicants.

Promote Your GRE Scores Acceptance Policy and Convey “No Preference”

Update your website, brochures, view books, presentations, emails and other communications to be sure your published admission requirements consistently reflect that you welcome GRE scores and weigh them equally against scores from other business school admission tests. You can program this graphic to link to the GRE website. And don’t forget to mention your official GRE Institution Code. If you don’t have one, become an official GRE score user now so you can start sharing it with future applicants.

Communicate your GRE scores acceptance policy to staff and alumni who answer questions on the telephone, online or in the field.

Communicate your GRE scores acceptance policy to the undergraduate Career Services Center on your campus and to faculty and others who may advise undergraduates about graduate or business school. Also, let them know about the official GRE Advisor Kit and encourage them to print and display the GRE flyers or posters in their offices!

You can go to this website to link up for more information: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/mba/

The GRE Program brings you the GRE Search Service — a powerful, one-of-a-kind database of individuals from around the world who have taken a decisive step toward pursuing an advanced degree. GRE score users can use this cost-effective service to reach prospective applicants who have demonstrated graduate-level readiness through their GRE test performance and create a more powerful recruitment strategy. So what are you waiting for? To start using the GRE Search Service, create an account today!

Here you will also get a lot of assistants to your preparation. It's easy to start receiving official GRE scores for your business school programs, and even easier if your institution already accepts GRE scores for master's and doctoral programs in other disciplines. Simply complete this online application. If you have questions, a GRE Academic Advisor can assist you. Why should my MBA program accept GRE scores?

posted in GRE Aug 8, 2016
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